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Healers, Creatives &
Soul-Led Professionals

How to Transform Your Expertise into an Online Group Program, Quickly & Easefully
— The Brightside Method
… without the pitfalls of sleazy selling,
tech roadblocks, or the shadows of
Healers, Creatives &
Soul-Led Professionals

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How to Transform Your Expertise into an Online Group Program, Quickly & Easefully
— The Brightside Method
… without the pitfalls of sleazy selling, tech roadblocks, or the shadows of self-doubt!
Greetings Soul-Led Professionals!
Do you want to embark on an enchanting journey
where your expertise transcends mere service
and becomes a beacon of transformation?

This experience is more than just a training -
it's your portal to a life where impact and
freedom dance hand-in-hand.

Team Brightside has been supporting spiritually-minded,
open-hearted, caring humans create successful
online group programs for over a decade.

You're in good hands here.
"Step into Mastery - A Step-by-Step Guide to Greater Impact &
Soul-Led Online Business Enlightenment!"

Here's What You'll Learn:
Revelation #1:

The number one paradigm shift you need to remove failure & finally create a successful online business and prove all the naysayers wrong. 

Revelation #2:

The most simple and impactful way to enroll and serve your first clients online within 30 days, without getting bogged down by social media.

Revelation #3:

The new way to lock and load all the tech you need without hiring an expensive developer or virtual assistant.

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“People are selling courses that don't even teach 1/4 of what you share in this video. What you share feels very true to me. For spiritual people like us, I didn’t know anything like this existed. It's just amazing!”
~ Kate
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"Absolutely enlightening! The strategic insights, especially on crafting our journey, were just fabulous. So inspired!" ~ Sharon
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"Diving into the free video training was a game-changer for me. As someone who's felt swamped by the tidal wave of online advice — you know, those endless 3-day, 5-day, 21-day challenges that promise the moon and leave you hanging? This training cut through the noise. It wasn't just another teaser; it was like finding a complete toolkit when you've been scraping by with a screwdriver.” ~Aaron
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"This training aligns with everything I believe in as a conscious entrepreneur. The value here is immeasurable. Overflowing with gratitude for what you're sharing." ~ Randi
✨ What Awaits You:
Embrace Your Inner Brilliance:
Unlock the full potential of your unique gifts through following a comprehensive roadmap.

It's time for your expertise & wisdom to resonate across the world!

Focus on What Matters: Client Results!
Discover how we help our soul-led clients lovingly attract &
fill their first online group program (in as little as 30 days!).

Demystifying Technology:
Bid farewell to tech anxiety. We're simplifying the complex,
making digital tools your allies in growth.

Mindset Metamorphosis:
Transform self-doubt into unshakable confidence.
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🌟 Why This Experience Is Unique:
Tailored for the Heart-Centered Leader:
Specially designed for healers, artists, creatives,
mentors, and soul-led professionals.

A Symphony of Strategy and Spirit:
Merging practical business acumen with spiritual depth,
crafting a journey that’s as enriching as it is impactful.

Lara's Insights as Your Guiding Star:
With over a decade of guiding soulful entrepreneurs,
Lara's wisdom is a treasure trove of practical, heartfelt advice,
lighting up your path to online success.

💡 The Transformation Begins:
More than a session, this is a dynamic, participatory blueprint
to your future.

Dedicate this time to personal & professional evolution.

This isn’t just training;
it's the dawn of your
new era.

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Living Brightside has Worked With Top Leaders &
Brands in the Online Transformational Space:
  Meet Your Your Soul-Led Business Strategy Star!  
Lara Brightside, the founder of, serves as a beacon of empowerment in the digital world.

With her roots at MindValley, she's remained dedicated over the past decade to inspiring others to create their own online learning platforms.

She's worked with some of the top brands & leaders in the transformational space such as, SARK, New World Library, Trevor G. Blake, Corin Grillo and many more.

Lara, alongside her husband Kevin and their team of 'Tech Yodas,' enable countless individuals, including healers, therapists, creatives, and spiritual entrepreneurs, to turn their dreams into reality.

Through Lara's mentorship, they discover not only inspiration but also the resilience needed to launch soul-led online businesses, driving greater impact and income, and forging a brighter future for ALL.

Team Brightside is quickly becoming known as the go-to 'one-stop-shop' for spiritual entrepreneurs looking to rise up and make an impact through online group programs of all flavors.

Get a sneak peek into what it's like to be
supported by Lara & be a part of the Brightside family through this free video training.

Meet some of our Soul-Led Clients:
"BRIGHTSIDE is the BEST Get ready to have your life changed for the better more than you could ever anticipate! I created a whole course and couldn’t be prouder of it, and now my big program has a baby program to piggy back - oh, I see the method to your magicalness now!!! I am so grateful for all the love and support and pro systems you guys have empowered me with… just wow!!! And I just signed up two more people!!!"
Aidan, Award Winning Singer-Songwriter
Shortly after our call and dialing in my ideal client, one landed in my inbox and I signed up my first client in the new $10K offer! Thank you for being really lovingly fierce with me around the unconscious blocking that was going on to get to this point. I've been super clear and inspired since our call. I really feel a profound pivot happening. Thank you for caring, for being strong with me, for seeing me, and for supporting me and giving me these next steps. I really, really value who you are in my life.”
Ajaya, Founder of Core Embodiment, Flow-State Guide, Creative Catalyst
Brightside entered our business’s journey at the perfect time. Their guidance was critical in launching our membership program. They helped in so many unexpected ways. They brought peace, inspiration, and technical advancement to our business. Our group grew 5X during the first 4 months with no paid for advertising. They go above and beyond for every member. I’ve never experienced a community like this before and love being a part of this community.”
Stephanie Bickel, Managing Director of Speak By Design
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BRIGHTSIDE: where profound wisdom harmonizes with savvy strategy, and your aspirations become your achievements
💡 Prepare for Your Journey:
Bring a notepad to crystallize your thoughts
and action plans.

🙏Immerse Yourself Fully:
An hour with Lara can be a life-altering experience.

🌈 Ready to Ignite Change?
If you've been dreaming of touching lives and making a meaningful impact with your unique talents, this training is your launchpad.

👇 Act Now – Time is Precious:
Once you sign up, you’ll have 5 days to absorb the training.

Prompt action leads to remarkable transformations. This is your moment to bridge the gap between your current reality and your aspirations.

🌟 Claim Your Purpose!
Seize this beautiful opportunity to project your expertise and wisdom onto the global stage.

👉 Is This Your Moment of Alignment?
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Has your heart been yearning for a sign to expand your horizons and elevate your impact? This your cosmic invitation.
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